CAse management



  • Caregiver Support
  • Long Distance Monitoring
  • Family and Facility Liaison
  • Socialization Visitation 


  • Family Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling and  Education
  • Behavioral Needs Assessment 


  • Guardianship, Health Care Proxy, Wills and Trusts
  • Assistance with Medicaid Applicationsand  Entitlements
  • Advocacy in Long Term Facilities


“Elder Blue Solutions kept the family peace, provided peace of mind, and most importantly put all the pieces together to help our family through the challenge of finding what to do next to help our mother remain at home once she was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s Disease.” Janet R. Albany New York

“As it became more difficult to communicate with my dad, my siblings and I became exhausted from the fighting with him and with each other. Elder Blue Solutions was able to listen to our needs, hear what my dad had to say and then provide solutions that everyone could agree with." Phillip J. Miami Florida

“Dealing with my parent’s healthcare needs, coordinating logistics, and navigating the Medicare system became physically and emotionally exhausting - and a full time job. As an only child I didn’t have the time or patience to handle this all myself. Elder Blue Solutions became my partner in the process, which gave me  more time and more patience to spend with my parents and with my own family.” Emily T. San Diego California

Elder Blue Solutions provides CONCIERGE CASE MANAGEMENT to Elders and their families who are struggling with the many challenges and changes that an aging mind creates. Our goal is to help families successfully navigate through a complicated healthcare, legal and social system. Elder Blue works closely with a  network of mental health professionals and attorneys to coordinate continuity of care from their offices; or when possible from your elder’s residence. With a national network of resources, Elder Blue Solutions can easily work long distance with families, and professionals across the country to coordinate Behavioral Care and Manage your  Elder's Legal Affairs. Dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease can devastate families as they become caregivers. The natural process of aging also creates change, which often leads to conflict for elders and their families, and can cloud judgment and create frustration and friction among individuals and families. Elder Blue Solutions is dedicated to providing solutions to help you decide what is right for you, your elder – and what is right for your family.