the company

ELDER BLUE SOLUTIONS was created to offer the highest level of personal attention, and collaborative care to the next generation of almost 70 million baby boomers who will, or who are already struggling to find solutions as to how to balance their own needs, and help their aging parents or relatives. Sandwiched in the middle of their careers, their children and their parents - this generation of 65 plus year olds often do have not the time (or do not live close enough) to monitor their Elder’s mental health condition, take care of their legal needs –and are often at a loss as how to deal with the behavioral and social changes that they are experiencing.

Our mobile society has separated adult children and aging parents. Social isolation and depression often follows. Care giving becomes an added stress that often leads to resentment and exhaustion. Elders living both in assisted care facilities, and living alone do not receive the proper assessment or treatment for mental health conditions.  Adult children often dispute among themselves (or in court) a parent’s competency to live alone, or their ability to manage finances. Families are torn apart. Adult children need assistance in preparing wills, trusts and other legal documents. Elder Blue Solutions provides treatment plans and referrals to an experienced team of multi-disciplinary professionals nationwide who can offer families the luxury of both time and peace of mind.

Elder Blue  professionals  evaluate the needs of each case individually, providing solutions that offer families peace of mind. The Elder Blue Assessment & Evaluation Process involves consulting with professionals, family members and other caretakers who are familiar with the Elder. We communicate with families from across the country and are available through in-person meetings, Skype, phone, or via email.  Elder Blue professionals know how valuable time is to adult children of aging parents, and are available when you need us. 

the people


Ellyn Gamberg, Ed.D.  is a psychotherapist maintaining licensure in both New York and in Florida.  After receiving her Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University Dr. Gamberg established a clinical practice with a specialization in family therapy, conflict resolution and forensic evaluation. Dr. Gamberg has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Mediator. Throughout her 20 year career in behavioral healthcare she has also held faculty teaching positions at several leading colleges and universities. Dr. Gamberg has successfully treated Elders and their families for depression and anxiety for over a decade; and in response to the growing need for Geriatric Mental Health Practitioners has recently obtained Certification as a Geriatric Scholar through The Consortium of New York Geriatric Education and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.  Dr. Gamberg’s  contribution to “The Unfolding Legacy of 911” published by University Press;  along with her other research and expertise as a clinician  have gained Dr. Gamberg national recognition as an expert in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and adjustment disorder. Dr. Gamberg currently sees patients in her private clinical practice in Manhattan.

Richard Peskin, Esq.  having graduated from New York law school in 1979, his last 30+ years in private practice, after having joined a major Fifth Avenue Law firm, has been almost exclusively in the area of elder law and trusts and estates with an emphasis on estate planning. Mr. Peskin has also obtained the designation of a Chartered Financial Consultant and a Chartered Life Underwriter signifying his experience with investments and the life and health insurance markets. A certification in special-needs planning rounds out Mr. Peskin's expertise.  He is proficient in Medicaid planning and tax issues as they affect all of the above. Mr. Peskin believes a combination of technical expertise and experience, coupled with empathetic bedside manner is important to obtain the client's trust in effectuating proper and sound planning in this field. Mr. Peskin currently maintains a private law practice in Manhattan.


Healthcare and Social Services Consultant 

Anthony R. Cavaleri, MPA, MSW is a recent graduate of the Columbia School of Social Work and Law Program from Columbia Law School. Earlier in his career in 2000 Mr. Cavaleri attended Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. As a result of his unique education and experience he has developed the necessary critical thinking skills to tackle today’s complex public health challenges; along with an in-depth understanding of the political, legal, and economic forces that shape health care systems. In 2010 Anthony became the Founder of H.U.G.S a not for profit organization which reaches out to elderly and underserved communities. Mr. Cavaleri has a specialized interest in the area of Elder Care Advocacy.